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Some crutial infomation to know about before choosing a builder

When you start to generate the plans for constructing your own home, one of the first questions you should look to answer is what type of builder you are going to work with. This is extremely important as choosing the wrong type of builder can lead to a completely different style of project, from budget to finish. When trying to decide what type of builder to go for, you should consider the options carefully. A builder who deals with larger scale projects is usually known as a production builder, and they usually come with plans and templates, and are part of larger companies. However, somebody who designs bespoke homes from scratch for a smaller, independent company, is known as a custom builder.
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When working with a custom builder, you really do have as much of a free roam as you are going to get. If you have already set your sights on a specific piece of land, or want to add your home to a growing neighbourhood, and want to have the most say possible in the design of your home – then a custom builder is for you. Completely bespoke, there is no template to follow when building this house – it is all down to what you actually want. You can build this home on any piece of land that you have purchased, or have an agreement to purchase, meaning you can forge ahead to acquire your land before construction begins. You are also allowed to choose to have somebody design you floor plans, or allow the custom builder free reign to drawn up plans from nothing. If you wish to provide a plan before-hand, then speak to an architect who can help visualise your dreams. If you are looking to have a big input on the process of the design and building stage, then custom builders offer you that opportunity. Presuming you can afford it, then you can have it added to your bespoke home. Although more expensive than a production home, even if they are identical in size and plan, you are given complete accuracy and everything you are looking to be added in can be added. This is not to say that a custom builder is going to charge you too much – it all varies depending on the home you have requested. Most custom builders can supply you with previous designs and finished projects, as well as price estimates. Since building a project is a long-term project, you are looking for a team that you can interact with  professionally, while not being afraid to confess any doubts or hopes you have about the project. This is an extremely intimate process, so make sure that you provide your dual occupancy builders with every little thought you have about the project at the beginning – complete openness and honesty can save any hassle down the line. If you are looking into custom builders to start the creation of a new home, then please contact us with any questions you have at all.